More About Razor Blades


There are a lot of single edge razor blades all over, and the options can be quite overwhelming sometimes. In the process of choosing a razor blade, start with the basics. Choose a blade constructed from carbon steel with an aluminum backing, a consistently popular combination for a value price and high-quality single edge blades. For businesses who like the basic blade shape and function, but want an even sharper cut, try stepping up to an extra keen razor. These blades are still thick and made with carbon steel, but are sent through the honing process twice for an even sharper blade. Other businesses will opt for stainless steel blades as it is a more malleable metal than carbon steel. It is obvious that carbon steel blades are more susceptible to rusting than stainless steel. This is for the reason that stainless metals contain fewer carbides.

This makes stainless blades an excellent option for outdoor uses and storage or with cutting plants. Some blades have coatings that are baked on and provide reduced friction and act as a rust inhibitor. View here; uncoated stainless steel blades from are a better option in uses where extra grease would be a problem, such as paper or catheter cutting. Now, most carbon steel razor blades are stropped and compose of 1095 class Carbon Steel. These procedures  improve the quality, but also to the cost of the razor. If you are dealing with budget jobs where blade quality is not a priority, try less costly razor blades made with 1074 steel and are unstropped. There is a significant difference between stropped and unstropped blades.

The Rockwell Razor Blades have been known to be popular for their effectiveness as they eliminate shaving discomfort and skin irritation by conforming to anyone’s unique stubble thickness and skin sensitivity. Their systems also make it impossible for beginners to cut themselves when transforming from plastic multi-blade razors. About every magazine in the world has reviewed the shaving options for men including the razor. From studies conducted, there was a discovery made that Gillette fusion razor blade is much cleaner as compared to Bic when put under the microscopic inspection and analysis. Also, another finding is that the leading edge of the blade, as well as the surrounding material, makes a difference in the finesse of the shave given by any razor. For facts, visit

It was also inferred that favorite razor blades especially the disposable ones are subject to wear and tear quite easily thus they are tossed out very frequently. Discover more, there is no perfect razor, but a good razor is mostly the one that suits your shaving style. Therefore, some men like to replace their blades weekly or even daily while others tend to use straight edge shavers and spend a few minutes every day to perfect their blades against the sharpening surface. Well, having a perfect razor is merely a matter of choice by every individual. Read more here!


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